Water Damage Dilemmas Las Vegas

Whether it’s a flood presented by mother nature or a pipe leak that rushes your home with water, water damage is not a pleasant experience for anyone to have to go through.  It not only ruins clothing and furniture but it also attacks things like photos and important documents that you can never get back.  Just think what could happen to you if water damage happened in your home destroying all your documents and your computer.  What would you do?  I simply cannot imagine but unfortunately that is what just happened to my elderly aunt here in Henderson.

She was away at the local Galleria Mall for a few hours getting some shopping in only to return to her lovely little home here in Green Valley that had suffered massive water damage.  I’m really her only family here in Las Vegas so I’m the one that got the frantic call.  I could barely understand what the poor thing was saying.  In fact, I really thought she was being attacked or something worse like a heart attack or stroke.  I worked very hard with her on the phone to get her to tell me what was wrong and finally she told me that there was extensive water damage to her home.  Of course, my husband and I rushed over to her home to try and figure out what had happened and help her out as well.

What a complete mess.  The damage was worse than what we had imagined and we knew we needed professional help immediately.  Being born and raised here in Las Vegas, I knew just who to call.  The restoration team over at Las Vegas Environmental Pros are the best when it comes to any sort of damage to a property but especially water damage.  They were at my aunts property within 45 minutes, prepped and ready to take control.  They had already notified NV Energy and Southwest Gas to get those services turned off immediately.  We were really impressed with all the work that they had done in such a short period of time.

Of course the first thing that needs to be done in a water damage situation is to find and stop the source of water.  Sometimes that can be tricky as it was in this scenario with about 2 feet of water on the ground.  We finally did find the source for all the water damage and it was in the laundry room behind the washer.  It seems that a pipe had burst causing such rapid and extensive damage in very little time.  They got that all turned off and now the clean up process shall begin.

We kind of let the restoration team do their thing while we were comforting my aunt.  She was pretty traumatized over the whole ordeal and needed some careful attention.  It didn’t help that in all the turmoil we couldn’t find her beloved cat.  That seemed to be the biggest issue of this entire fiasco.  We looked and looked and then we found Dottie kitty in the closet on the top shelf where she had escaped the water damage.  That seemed to calm down my aunt and then we could try to focus on other important issues that needed to be dealt with.

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