Three Great Mexican Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte NC Restaurant Mexican Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant is a dream come true by a couple of immigrants who grew up in small villages in Mexico. They opened their first restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and grew the business into ten amazing restaurants including the one located at the University City part of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jesus, owner of Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant, was an entrepreneur at the age of ten. He would sell oranges that grew in the family grove all around town. After graduating from high school, Jesus decided he wanted to explore new worlds and wound up in California for years working in a factory.

Jesus decided to go back to Mexico where he met and married Maria. They decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia where they worked in a local Mexican Restaurant. They liked the industry to much they saved their money to start their first restaurant. Their formula for success has paid off with close to one thousand positive reviews on the internet and a four-point-six-star rating.

Superica is located at 101 W Worthington Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina. The original Supericas’ is located in a building that was originally built in 1889 for the Atlanta Stove Works’ factory in Atlanta. They were one of the first factories to introduce cast-iron stoves called the Barrett Range.Charlotte North Carolina Restaurant

Superica specialized in t American and Mexican cuisine that is also called Tex-Mex. They kept the feel of the old west by having authentic products brought in for display and purchase. One can get a feel of the early Texas days when the Southwestern and Western states were being forged.

They now have seven locations in the United States featuring their amazing Tex-Mex food. Their Charlotte location has garnered over seven hundred and fifty evaluations online with a four-point-five-star rating.

Charlotte NC Restaurant PhotoThe owner of Mal Pan, located at The SouthPark area of Charlotte, North Carolina, credits his work ethic to his grandmother. She grew up in Merida, Yacatan before immigrating to the United States.

Her drive was to open a restaurant in the United States and feature much of the old recipes that were from her hometown. She built an empire of ten restaurants over the years and has left them for her children and grandchildren including Mai Pan.

They have fifty-nine positive posts on the world wide web giving them over a four and one-half-star rating. They serve both lunch and dinner with a wide assortment of item that can be ordered from their menu.



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