Tattoo Removal In Glasgow At Its Best

A person usually gets a tattoo when he or she is so moved by a phenomenon in their lives that they honour it by etching it upon their very skin. While the idea of getting a tattoo might be very popular, sometimes they can turn extremely embarrassing. If you are someone who wants to wipe off the symbols of your ex-boyfriend from your body or perhaps, to remove something you tattooed upon yourself when extremely intoxicated, then you will have to follow certain tattoo removal techniques.

Tattoo Removal


With different wavelengths, pulses of light are directed at the part of your skin upon which the tattoo is etched, to remove it. The light disrupts the ink placement where it hits the skin and allows the natural bodily defences to break down the colour and gradually absorbs it.

It works best on darker colours such as red, black and navy but it can be used upon most colours, however challenging they might be. Light blue, green and pastel shades are most difficult to erase but, they too may be removed.

This kind of treatment may be performed upon a large area to rid you of a big and colourful tattoo as well as a small one, like a name or a design.  One great place Tattoo Removal Glasgow this is Glam Aesthetics.


Laser-Tattoo-RemovalLaser removal of tattoo isn’t a very speedy process for it is essential to allow the skin to heal between sessions. This is absolutely vital for prevention of scarring or differences in skin texture in the long run. Most tattoos require around 8-12 sessions for complete removal. The larger or brighter the tattoo, the longer it takes for complete removal. It is important for you to let your skin heal and also allows your immune system to get rid of as much ink as possible. Thus, you should wait for around 4 to 6 whole weeks between treatments. Having more closely spaced treatments merely leads to you to spend far more money than is truly necessary for you to spend.


This is an option provided to those of you who are simply unhappy with their tattoo. In this process, tattoo fading is provided which allows for a new tattoo to completely cover up the old design which will fade away with this process. It is a comparatively quicker process and does not take as much time as the other method. It can be achieved within a few sessions for fading a tattoo to allow it to be covered up by a newer, better one.

If you are in Glasgow and are in dire need for a tattoo removal or tattoo fading, do not waste any time and give Glam Aesthetics a call immediately for professional service at the lowest possible cost! With these processes and the calm hand of the experts, you can easily achieve whatever treatment you wish for, with regard to your tattoo!