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cosmetic lip fillers

Cosmetic Lip Fillers in Manchester

The human lips tend to lose volume with age and this is what has mainly created the need for lip augmentation that has become a very popular procedure. The procedure basically refills and improves the lips. It functions to recreate the fullness of the lips or to improve the balance between lower and upper lips or even to augment the central portion of the lip.

The increase in demand from patients has led to surgeons developing techniques which are suited for certain desires, concerns as well as the anatomy of every patient. Initially, options were quite limited to a few surgical options and relatively few filler substances. Today, there are filler products which are evolving rapidly and these have become available to surgeons who market them to patients through numerous media formats.Lip Augmentation


There are a number of benefits associated with cosmetic lip fillers, these include the following:

• They provide patients with smiles that are more defined.
• It can effectively be utilized to prevent the bleeding of lipstick in the surrounding skin.
• It can produce or enhance a lip pout.
• It is very useful in correcting the downwards effects of aging that is experienced on the corner of a person’s mouth. It camouflages it to reveal a happier individual who looks less tired.
• It is a predictable and relatively straight forward procedure that is pain-free if correctly done.

Importance of highly skilled technicians in lip filler administration

Cosmetic Lip FillersThe ability to create full lips demands both aesthetic judgment and superior skill. This is because there is a delicate art to lip enhancement that makes the selection of an injector very critical.

There are several reasons why it is important to use highly skilled technicians in the administration of lip filler, the notable ones include the following:

I. The human lips have an anatomy that is complex and very unforgiving. This leaves room for minimal or no mistakes during the administration of lip filler.

ii. Non-skilled technicians risk producing asymmetrical or uneven result.

iii. Non-skilled technicians can also provide patients with a look that is overdone i.e. a disproportion between the lower and upper lips.

iv. Non-skilled technicians can inject the filler material too superficially to the extent that the patient feels palpable lumps within the lips.

v. Non-skilled who are unaware of the arterial anatomy that characterizes the upper lip can directly inject the filler into the arteries of the upper or even lower lip. This has the potential of causing serious complications in the supply of blood around the chin, lip and nose.

The reasons outlined above are why it is very important to only use highly skilled technicians when having lip fillers administered. Lush Aesthetics Lip Fillers Manchester, UK is an incredible business that offers such highly skilled technicians that will guarantee that your lip fillers are properly administered for the desired results.


The lips are among the main features of the human face, they form a focal point which indicates to other people as to how healthy or happy you are as a person. It is always advisable to use highly skilled technicians to get the best results out of the procedure. Visit to learn more about this procedure.