Review of Three Seafood Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Chula Seafood got its humble beginnings in 2009 in San Diego by the Helfin family.  As a family operated and owned fishery, they strive to catch only the freshest fish in the Pacific Ocean.  Their restaurant is located in Scottsdale, Arizona which is only about eleven miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona.

They opened Chula Seafood in August of 2015 with the idea of delivering fresh seafood from their wholesale distribution to the desert.  What makes their fishery so unique is that they are one of the few boats in Southern California using the Deep Set Bouy Gear Technique.  This technique allows them to drop their lines below the turtle layer and bring the fish up alive.

Their fresh fish approach is working as they have a four-point nine-star rating on the world wide web.  They plan on opening a second restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona soon.

Located about twenty-two miles southeast of Phoenix, Arizona is High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.  They use a special method of cooking called steam kettle cooking.  By using high pressure steam it locks in the flavor without overcooking.  Patrons can watch their meal be prepared from the Terrazzo counter.

High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill is owned by Executive Chef Eric Emlet and his friend Chris Glass.  Chef Eric roamed the United States from the Pacific Coast to Lake Michigan to chase after his dream of being a chef.  He brings over eight years in the restaurant industry as an Executive Chef and Manager.  Ultimately, he graduated with honors from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu.

Chef Eric strives to bring an unparalleled dining experience to his patrons, and he exceeds at that.  There are close fourteen hundred positive posts online scoring them a four-point six-star rating.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen has more than ninety locations in seven states including the one in Phoenix, Arizona.  Their first restaurant was opened in 1976 by the Pappas brothers.  They trace their heritage back to 1897 when their grandfather left Greece to come to America.  He gained a lot of success by opening restaurants throughout Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee.  He instilled a great work ethic in his sons who went on to open a restaurant supply and equipment operation in 1945.

Considered one of the largest family-owned and operated companies, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen serves a variety of foods and traditions in their restaurants.  Jim and Chris opened their first restaurant in 1976 and are still active in the day to day operations.

They have close to five thousand endorsements on the internet giving them well over a four-star rating.  This is truly a generation to generation business as they own the trucks that deliver as well as electricians and furniture making that is in the restaurant.

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